Kareena Kapoor Reveals Her Diet And Discusses Healthy Eating With Rujuta And Saif

Kareena Kapoor Reveals Her Diet And Discusses Healthy Eating With Rujuta And Saif

Do you know what Kareena Kapoor Khan eats on a daily basis? No, it is not foods like oats, quinoa, low-fat dairy, avocado, broccoli or asparagus. In fact, what Kareena eats regularly are very desi and natural foods that are not only weight loss friendly, but are also a powerhouse of nutrition. Kareena, along with husband Saif Ali Khan and nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar, revealed more of such secrets for her daily diet, and we cannot be more inspired! During a 45-minutes live session on Facebook and Instagram, the three shed light on how people should focus on being fit and healthy instead of being thin or skinny.

Kareena Kapoor diet secrets, tips for weight loss

In her post, Rujuta writes how important it is to be in harmony with yourself and your surroundings in order to achieve good health.

So, with the onset of summer season, Kareena is not loading up on salads and green juices for maintaining her weight and shape. Her diet includes all things seasonal and natural like mango, jamun, karwand, dahi rice, papad, jowar, nachni bhakri, fresh sabzis cooked in traditional style, kokum sherbet, lemon grass tea and nimbu pani to name a few.

“Your food has to be home-grown. Eating local food and portion control is something that I follow,” says Kareena during the live session, while referring to the fact that she consumes food which is local to the city or place where she is for a holiday or a shoot. Eating local food can assure good health and prevent weight gain even when you’re travelling. All you need to do is eat the same foods, in the same eating pattern as the locals of that city or locality. Make sure you follow portion control at all times.

Being rigid with your diet, and not being in compliance with the season and foods that are in season can make you feel bored and prevent your body from being in sync with the season. “A good diet is a timeless concept, it isn’t something that starves you and then lets you feast as a reward for showing the will power to deprive yourself of food. Instead, it teaches you to eat the traditional delicacies, encourages you to chew slowly and makes you feel content just before you feel full,” writes Rujuta in her post.

Furthermore, it is also important to aim for consistency with your exercise regime, for staying fit and healthy. According to Rujuta, being consistence is more important than improving your intensity. On days when you don’t feel like exercising, avoid skipping exercise entirely. Instead, train at 50% of your usual intensity. This make you feel good about yourself for the rest of the day, and will prevent all the unnecessary guilt of skipping a workout.

But, all of the aforementioned suggestions can be followed with discipline. Taking less stress, sleeping well, eating good food and exercising regularly can all be achieved by being disciplined in your life.

“As Saif said, there is nothing boring about being healthy and nothing sexy about having an heart attack. Broccoli is not going to magically save you from the excesses of last night, nor are green smoothies or soups in the name of detox going to undo the gluttony committed during a holiday, party, etc.” explains Rujuta.

The key to feeling light and happy through the day and a restful sleep in night is exercise and a good diet.


Source:- ndtv